Robert Curgenven (NT)
Working with harmonics, textures and resonance as articulated not only through instruments/objects, in space and place, but also in time and the dislocation of the remote, Robert's sound explores slowly shifting layers in the fabric of what surrounds us.
He has released one solo CD for privatelektro, "cichaczem" (2005), which was described by "disquiet" magazine as: "absolutely beautiful distillations of sound mixing the familiar textures of field recordings, including falling snow and the period after a thunderstorm, with hyper-sensitive recordings of a grand piano that suggest the open spaces only alluded to by most synthesizers".

Sumugan Sivanesan will play guitar...somehow.

Rand & Holland
The hypnotic pop of Brett Thompson and Stu Olsen takes cues from contemporary troubadours such as M Ward or Yo La Tengo, sonic explorers like Autistic Daughters and Leafcutter John, and the unspoiled musical antiquities of bluegrass, folk, and 60s pop.

Monika Brooks
ye' olde western syd uni student (now qualified). music, sonic art , stuff. played wif Splinter Orch., Ubercube, various cameos in groups that need people at the last minute. played now now, impro lab. , pelt,, 1/4 inch, disorientation , things like that.../ no cd, but enjoy performing polite noise after a few beers.

Sun of the Seventh Sister
Love them or loathe them - Blue Mountains inspired ecstatic noise ensemble with rotating membership.